Local Orgs to Support and Donate to

Issues of consent, harassment, gun violence and immigration have been dominating headlines in the news, each of us can commit to working on helping to address these issues on a local level, here are some organizations that you can support and donate to.

Support efforts to empower women via Women’s Way, a Philadelphia-based non-profit that supports women and girls and gender equality, or Emily’s List, which supports female Democratic candidates.

Cease Fire PA is working locally to take a stand against gun violence, and their website features personal stories of people impacted by gun violence.

New Sanctuary Movement and HIAS PA work locally to support immigrants and refugees, who have been under constant attack, and their websites also share stories of the impact of their work on vulnerable individuals and communities.

Code Blue weather has left the city battered, bring new or gently used children’s winter clothing to be donated to Philly FIGHT. Repair the World is collecting toiletries, cooking utensils, towels, and clothes to be distributed to Nationalities Service Center.

Volunteering your time is also a wonderful way to interact with people in your communities who are struggling. The Coalition Against Hunger has put together this list of volunteer opportunities, and Broad Street Ministry and Arch Street Methodist also provide meals for people in need. You can also help address hunger by donating to Manna.

One difficult revelation from the 2016 election is how isolated we really are from people with different political beliefs, different ethnicities, and different socioeconomic situations. This new year, in addition to spending your time and money to help others, consider how you can broaden your own understanding of cultures around you. Try attending a worship service from a religion other than your own, or invite friends and neighbors into your home and into your family’s celebrations. Seek out opportunities to recognize and celebrate the differences among us.

Happiness, kindness, generosity, and respect are all powerful form of resistance.